Treating Israeli Arms Assurances as Credible Undermines Biden’s Own Policy

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In response to the Biden administration’s comments in a State Department briefing today indicating that it has received written assurances from Israel that, in its view, meets the terms of National Security Memorandum 20 (NSM-20), Center for International Policy Vice President for Government Affairs Dylan Williams issued the following statement:

“Contrary to a mountain of evidence, the administration’s comments today inexplicably treat Israel’s assurance that it is not restricting U.S. humanitarian aid delivery in Gaza and otherwise adhering to relevant international law in the use of US arms as ‘credible and reliable.’

Treating the assurances received from Israel as sufficient in the face of deepening famine, disproportionate civilian casualties and repeated threats of an offensive in Rafah against U.S. wishes renders NSM-20 an empty gesture in its first outing, and functionally greenlights Israel continuing to use our weapons against U.S. law, interests and values.

In response, U.S. lawmakers should insist that the Biden administration change course and enforce American law and its own policy. U.S. Government complicity in and enabling of this slaughter in violation of our laws and values must end.”