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SAM is the first and only public resource to comprehensively collect, organize, and house all available federal data on U.S. weapons sales and transfers in one place, making it easily searchable by year or country on its website.

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CIP’s Security Assistance Monitor (SAM) is dedicated to increasing transparency, oversight, and accountability over U.S. arms sales and security assistance provided to foreign governments worldwide.

Arms sales and security assistance are considered a primary tool of U.S. foreign policy, but little is disclosed about these sales and transfers to the public.

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This program explores the domestic, foreign, and geopolitical implications of US foreign policy on civilian well-being around the globe.

SAM houses the first and only publicly available, official data on U.S. security assistance in one place and makes it easily searchable online. Through research, data collection, and analysis, SAM aims to increase transparency, oversight, and accountability of security assistance and the international arms trade.

Click on a country to explore its data on U.S. arms, security assistance, and foreign military training. The country page will give you a great overview, with links to drill down into greater detail using our dashboards (a series of interactive visualizations that provide a snapshot of key data points) and pivot tables (an interactive table that allows users to view data trends over years by recipient or program).


  • Arms Sales

    Our Arms Sales Database. Arms Sales are the sale of defense articles or services, either by the U.S. government or an American commercial vendor to a foreign client.

  • Security Sector Assistance Database

    Our Security Sector Assistance Database. Security Sector Assistance (SSA) is a component of U.S. foreign aid that aims to build, train, advise, assist, and even accompany foreign security forces and institutions.

  • Foreign Military Training Database

    Our Foreign Military Training Database. Foreign Military Training (FMTR) is when the U.S. provides training to security personnel and institutions and is generally a part of U.S. security sector assistance. This database is maintained separately from Security Sector Assistance due to the high level of detail provided on most training activities.


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