Leahy Fellowship

CIP is thrilled to announce the establishment of the Leahy Fellowship for Human Rights and Security. This fellowship is dedicated to supporting the research and professional development of foreign policy professionals working to enhance global security and respect for human rights.

I am honored that CIP is naming its new fellowship on human rights and security after me. Building the skills of a new generation of policy researchers and experts dedicated to defending human rights and promoting democratic values in U.S. foreign policy is critically important at a time when those rights and values are under assault around the world.


- U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy



The fellowship is named after The Honorable Patrick Leahy, U.S. Senator from the state of Vermont, in recognition of his distinguished career advancing progressive policies and mechanisms for accountability in U.S. foreign affairs. Among his many accomplishments is his sponsorship of landmark amendments that aim to prohibit the U.S. government from providing military assistance to foreign military units who commit human rights abuses. Commonly known as the Leahy Laws, they are a cornerstone of efforts to ensure greater security and accountability around the world.

We are honored and excited to build the capacity of rising leaders who will carry on the invaluable work Senator Leahy has pioneered. We are extremely grateful to Senator Leahy for his life-long contributions to enhancing human rights and for his continued support.

- Nancy Okail, CIP President and CEO.