Environmental Impact of Explosive Weapons in Gaza

The world is witnessing Israel’s genocidal war against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip with weapons supplied by the United States. Explosive weapons cause both direct and indirect death through environmental destruction and contamination that remain long after the bombs explode. On World Environment Day, join us for a conversation about the severe and widespread ecological impact of explosive weapons, and their long-term implications on civilian health, human rights, and global security.

Date: Wednesday, June 5, 2024 – 4pm EST


Rasha Abousalem, Palestinian-American humanitarian aid worker, American Red Cross presenter (IHL/Rules of War), and Adjunct Professor. See her recent article, Gaza and the failed lessons of the past.

Dr. Meena Aladdin, PhD, Molecular Toxicology. See her recent paper, Environmental Destruction is a Human Rights Violation: The Health Crisis in Gaza.

Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD, Zoology & Genetics. Award-winning Palestinian scientist and author. See his recent paper, Impact of Israeli military activities on the environment.

Hanna Homestead, Director of the Climate and Militarism Program at the Center for International Policy (Moderator). See her recent paper, New Insensitive Munitions may pose lingering toxic threat. 

A recording of this panel is also available on the Center for International Policy’s YouTube channel here.