Who we are

The Center for International Policy is a woman-led, progressive, independent nonprofit center for research, education, and advocacy working to advance a more peaceful, just, and sustainable U.S. approach to foreign policy.

Our work spans six regions and covers issues ranging from U.S. security assistance, nuclear disarmament, and corruption to climate change and emerging technology. Through research, convening, and strategic communications, we provide nuanced analyses and promote evidence-based policy solutions to address today's most urgent global threats. We also work with journalists, scholars, and civil society organizations to inform the public and hold decision-makers accountable. Central to our mission is the inclusion and integration of diverse perspectives into our research, which center the voices of communities most impacted by U.S. foreign policy – both at home and abroad.

Through partnerships, working groups, fellowships and programs –-including Climate and Militarism Program (CAMP), Diplomacy to End Nuclear Threat (DENT), Forum on the Arms Trade, Legislative Tracker, Science and Technology for Peace and Security Program (STEPS), Security Assistance Monitor (SAM) and Women for Weapons Trade Transparency (W2T2)-– CIP provides cross-cutting analysis that examines the true causes and unforeseen consequences of conflict.

Our Values

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    National security cannot be achieved without global security and addressing the root causes of global conflict.

    We believe that national security is inextricable from global security and that increasing militarization through great-power competition is insufficient for creating the conditions for peace. We must examine the root causes of conflict barriers to accountability, including the interrelated roles of corruption, elite interests, and non-state actors. 

  • 02

    The inclusion of diverse voices and alternative viewpoints is essential for understanding security challenges and creating sustainable outcomes.

    We believe in diversity in practice, not just in name, and that security and peace are rights of all humans, not just Americans. We are in solidarity with all people and movements fighting against exploitation, violence, and environmental destruction wherever they are.

  • 03

    Without accountability, there can be no systemic change.

    Those who benefit from unjust systems will continue to do so until the cost of injustice becomes too high. We can incentivize change through increased transparency and engagement of the public to hold those in power responsible for their actions. Tolerating impunity at home and abroad will never deliver peace.

  • 04

    Integrity is critical to advancing human-centered security.

    We believe in security and foreign policy that is informed by evidence, not by popular opinion or political priorities. We value and incorporate the perspectives of all voices, not just those in power, and we do not shy away from uncomfortable truths.

  • 05

    Alternative approaches to security based in cooperation, mutual respect, and systemic change are possible and effective.

    Diplomacy should not be based on military arms sales. Foreign policy should provide opportunities for cooperation rather than competition.

  • nancy-okail

    Nancy Okail

    President and CEO

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  • matt-duss

    Matt Duss

    Executive Vice-President

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  • dylan-williams

    Dylan Williams

    Vice President for Government Affairs

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  • Sara-Dubois-

    Sara DuBois

    Vice President of Communications

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  • Ari-Tolany

    Ari Tolany

    Director, Security Assistance Monitor

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  • Kelsey-Atherton

    Kelsey Atherton

    Chief Editor

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  • Sonya Carter

    Sonya Carter

    Director of Operations & Finance

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  • Alessandra Ravelo

    Alessandra Ravelo

    Executive Assistance & Communications Associate

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  • Jeff-Abramson

    Janet Abou-Elias

    Research Fellow

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  • Jeff Abramson

    Jeff Abramson

    Senior Non-Resident Fellow

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  • Michael W. Chamberlin

    Michael W. Chamberlin

    Senior Non-Resident Fellow

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  • Maria-Jose-Espinosa-Carrillo

    María José Espinosa Carrillo

    Senior Non-Resident Fellow

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  • Nadine-Farid-Johnson

    Nadine Farid Johnson

    Senior Non-Resident Fellow

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  • Van

    Van Jackson

    Senior Non-Resident Fellow

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  • Lillian-Mauldin

    Lillian Mauldin

    Research Fellow

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  • Negar Mortazavi

    Negar Mortazavi

    Senior Non-Resident Fellow

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  • Joanna Rozpedowski

    Joanna Rozpedowski

    Senior Non-Resident Fellow

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  • OmarShaban headshot

    Omar Shaban

    Leahy Fellow

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  • Young-Artist-starr

    Terrell Jermaine Starr

    Senior Non-Resident Fellow

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  • Sina Toossi

    Sina Toossi

    Senior Non-Resident Fellow

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We are honored to work in partnership with dedicated organizations fighting for a just, safe, and sustainable future for all. Learn more about our coalition work below.

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    Arms Sales Accountability Project (ASAP) Coalition

    The Arms Sales Accountability Project convenes diverse organizations that undertake research, advocacy, and public engagement related to United States arms sales and security assistance.

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  • coalitions2@2x

    Dismantling Racism and Militarism in U.S. Foreign Policy Coalition

    Read about the original working group and the 2021 report on Dismantling Racism and Militarism in U.S. foreign policy here.

    our new 2023 Pocantico Conference report

Work with us

CIP offers competitive salary, benefits, and a positive work environment. Applications for certain positions are reviewed on a rolling basis due to hiring demands.