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    Six Months of War in Gaza

    Read our five recommendations for the Biden Administration to take to stop the fighting, end the nightmare faced by Palestinian civilians and Israeli hostages, and ensure the security, rights and well-being of Israelis and Palestinians in the longer term.

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  • The preserved ruins of an old coastal fort face the ocean, as a strong wind blows in from the sea.

    Taiwan & Tensions with China: Five Recommendations for US Policy

    The US can best serve Taiwan’s security, and our own, by stabilizing relations with China in a manner that reduces the dangerous tensions that have built up between Washington and Beijing.

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    International Policy Journal

    We are delighted to welcome you to the inaugural issue of the International Policy Journal (IPJ), a platform dedicated to discussing foreign policy priorities within a progressive agenda.

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    Progressive Foreign Policy as a Political Force

    This first event of its kind by CIP marks the organization's recent expansion and revitalized mission to serve as a beacon of principled, actionable foreign policy solutions to today’s challenges.


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The Center for International Policy is a woman-led, progressive, independent nonprofit center for research, education, and advocacy working to advance a more peaceful, just, and sustainable U.S. approach to foreign policy.

Our programs provide interdisciplinary, intersectional, and cross-cutting analysis of the true causes and unforeseen consequences of conflict. Crucial to our mission is incorporating the voices of people most affected by U.S. foreign policy in the regions we study. This strategic analytical approach is integrated into all of CIP’s programs to offer alternative solutions to security challenges that are effective and sustainable for our nation, our global community, and our planet.

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    The Center for International Policy (CIP) aims to advance a peaceful, just, and sustainable world supported by U.S. foreign policy that puts people and the planet first.

    We work to promote greater transparency, government accountability and advance intersectional and interdisciplinary data-driven solutions to today's global security challenges. Our programs offer sustainable and effective solutions to address the most urgent threats to our planet: war, corruption, inequity, and the climate crisis.

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    In a conversation with @IChotiner, Matt Duss, the executive vice-president at the Center for International Policy, said it was “absolutely baffling” that Democrats in the House and Senate invited Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress on July 24th. https://t.co/wWRrmqrsLs

    RT @NegarMortazavi: I spoke to @NPR about Iran’s upcoming presidential election, who is allowed to run, and potentials for policy change wi…

    This week, the United States and Armenia announced that they were upgrading dialogue to a strategic partnership. For IPJ, Omar Hamed Beato reports on loss and displacement fueling Armenia’s turn away from distracted former protector Russia and to the West

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    Inside Armenia’s geopolitical shift to the West - CIP

    Abandoned by Russia in the defense of Nagorno-Karabakh and struggling to accommodate refugees, Armenia turns West for its security and survival.

    My Q&A with the great ⁦@IChotiner⁩ looking at US policy after 8 months of Gaza war:

    “The President’s view has been and continues to be, essentially, that the U.S. will support Israel doing what it feels that it needs to do. That’s the bottom line.”

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    Is Biden’s Israel Policy Cynical or Naive?

    Evaluating eight months of the President’s attempts to moderate Netanyahu’s bombing campaign in Gaza.

    EVP @MattDuss talked to @NewYorker's @IChotiner about Biden’s approach to Israel, what a different Democratic Administration might be doing instead, Saudi normalization talks, Netanyahu's invitation to Congress and inertia in US foreign policy thinking ↘️

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    Is Biden’s Israel Policy Cynical or Naive?

    Evaluating eight months of the President’s attempts to moderate Netanyahu’s bombing campaign in Gaza.


    Some truly cruel anti-Palestinian amendments to the must-pass national defense bill are up for votes this week, including one blocking US funds from being used to help rebuild Gaza and one to bar US military planes being used to evacuate civilians—even injured children—to the US.

    EVP @MattDuss tells @pass_blue that Trump is “far more skeptical of international organizations & multilateralism than Biden.”:

    Trump's foreign policy is “very imperial. It’s this idea that America by virtue of its great power, is owed tribute.” 

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    The US Presidential Candidates' UN and Foreign Policy Stances

    The US Presidential Candidates' UN and Foreign Policy Stances - PassBlue


    “But, unless you’re going to threaten Netanyahu with something real, he has shown repeatedly over many years that he can just delay and eventually wriggle his way out of the situation.”

    An excellent interview by @IChotiner in the @NewYorker with @CIPolicy’s EVP, @mattduss!

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