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    Six Months of War in Gaza

    Read our five recommendations for the Biden Administration to take to stop the fighting, end the nightmare faced by Palestinian civilians and Israeli hostages, and ensure the security, rights and well-being of Israelis and Palestinians in the longer term.

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  • The preserved ruins of an old coastal fort face the ocean, as a strong wind blows in from the sea.

    Taiwan & Tensions with China: Five Recommendations for US Policy

    The US can best serve Taiwan’s security, and our own, by stabilizing relations with China in a manner that reduces the dangerous tensions that have built up between Washington and Beijing.

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    International Policy Journal

    We are delighted to welcome you to the inaugural issue of the International Policy Journal (IPJ), a platform dedicated to discussing foreign policy priorities within a progressive agenda.

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    Progressive Foreign Policy as a Political Force

    This first event of its kind by CIP marks the organization's recent expansion and revitalized mission to serve as a beacon of principled, actionable foreign policy solutions to today’s challenges.


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The Center for International Policy is a woman-led, progressive, independent nonprofit center for research, education, and advocacy working to advance a more peaceful, just, and sustainable U.S. approach to foreign policy.

Our programs provide interdisciplinary, intersectional, and cross-cutting analysis of the true causes and unforeseen consequences of conflict. Crucial to our mission is incorporating the voices of people most affected by U.S. foreign policy in the regions we study. This strategic analytical approach is integrated into all of CIP’s programs to offer alternative solutions to security challenges that are effective and sustainable for our nation, our global community, and our planet.

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    The Center for International Policy (CIP) aims to advance a peaceful, just, and sustainable world supported by U.S. foreign policy that puts people and the planet first.

    We work to promote greater transparency, government accountability and advance intersectional and interdisciplinary data-driven solutions to today's global security challenges. Our programs offer sustainable and effective solutions to address the most urgent threats to our planet: war, corruption, inequity, and the climate crisis.

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    As Taiwan inaugurates a new president, read @CIPolicy’s recs for protecting Taiwan’s democracy, promoting regional safety and reducing US-China tensions.

    “We are at a pivotal moment for the rules-based international order that the US tried to build for 70 years,” said VP @dylanotes.
    “The question much of the world is asking is do the laws & processes the US built apply to everyone equally, or are the US & its friends ...exempt?”

    EVP @MattDuss tells @HarbPeace @AJEnglish the conflict in Gaza risks turning into a protracted one:

    “You have a war of vengeance being carried out by a state that has the full backing of the global superpower who protects it from any consequences."


    Join us at #ACA2024 for this panel on "Achieving More Effective Implementation of U.S. Arms Transfer Policy" with @AnnieShiel, Ari Tolany, the @StateDeptPM's Mira Resnick, and @rachelstohl.

    Register to attend at https://t.co/9HQwkAgvls

    EVP @MattDuss tells @IndigoOlivier Raytheon & others are "companies that have one client & that’s the US government."

    "The enormous amount of money they’re extracting from taxpayers" showcases "the dominance of our political system by wealthy ...interests.”

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    How to Stop War Profiteering

    Weapons contractors are raking in billions from America’s support for Israel and Ukraine. It’s time to rein them in.


    Those claiming this “rewards Hamas” have it exactly backward. Hamas feeds off of Palestinian hopelessness. Israel’s denial of Palestinian rights has functioned as a Hamas recruitment program. Diplomatic recognition offers a credible alternative nonviolent path to liberation.

    Ireland, Norway and Spain are right to recognize Palestinian statehood.

    Recognizing both Palestine and Israel affirms both peoples’ right to self-determination and the internationally-endorsed vision for peacefully ending their conflict.

    It’s in US interests to welcome it.

    Appreciate the chance to discuss the adversarial US stance towards the #ICC with @AJEnglish — “The US has consistently, persistently displayed selective moral outrage against ICC investigations” risking potential fragmentation & delegitimization of IL.

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    US slams ICC prosecutor arrest request as Israel pounds north Gaza

    Biden says request for arrest warrant for Netanyahu ‘outrageous’ as Israeli attacks on Jabalia, Beit Lahia kill 18.

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