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    NEW! International Policy Journal

    We are delighted to welcome you to the inaugural issue of the International Policy Journal (IPJ), a platform dedicated to discussing foreign policy priorities within a progressive agenda.

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    Progressive Foreign Policy as a Political Force

    This first event of its kind by CIP marks the organization's recent expansion and revitalized mission to serve as a beacon of principled, actionable foreign policy solutions to today’s challenges.

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    War in the Middle East

    The Center for International Policy calls for the Biden administration to support an immediate cessation of hostilities to enable desperately needed humanitarian aid and facilitate and longer-term ceasefire.

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The Center for International Policy is a woman-led, progressive, independent nonprofit center for research, education, and advocacy working to advance a more peaceful, just, and sustainable U.S. approach to foreign policy.

Our programs provide interdisciplinary, intersectional, and cross-cutting analysis of the true causes and unforeseen consequences of conflict. Crucial to our mission is incorporating the voices of people most affected by U.S. foreign policy in the regions we study. This strategic analytical approach is integrated into all of CIP’s programs to offer alternative solutions to security challenges that are effective and sustainable for our nation, our global community, and our planet.

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    The Center for International Policy (CIP) aims to advance a peaceful, just, and sustainable world supported by U.S. foreign policy that puts people and the planet first.

    We work to promote greater transparency, government accountability and advance intersectional and interdisciplinary data-driven solutions to today's global security challenges. Our programs offer sustainable and effective solutions to address the most urgent threats to our planet: war, corruption, inequity, and the climate crisis.

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    As Administrator of USAID you could officially notify @POTUS that the government of Israel is illegally restricting the transport or delivery of US humanitarian assistance in violation of section 620I of the Foreign Assistance Act, making it ineligible for US military assistance.

    THIS THURSDAY: Join MEI Faculty Chair Prof. Tarek Masoud for a conversation with @mattduss, former foreign policy advisor to Senator Bernie Sanders and Executive VP @CIPolicy, about the ongoing conflict in Gaza and the region.

    Registration is required: https://t.co/yoreMsnLAE

    Can't wait to be in discussion with these two remarkable women @shaghdoosti and @NancyGEO on International Women's Day.

    On March 8, President/CEO @NancyGEO joins @shaghdoosti and @EmLBelcher to discuss how women are challenging a prevailing view that threats, force, and war are necessary and indispensable to resolving global conflicts.

    RSVP for this free virtual ...event↘️https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_jhoD0uFoRmW4cByEu3UAOQ#/registration

    Great to have my good friend Daniel Levy writing in @CIPolicyJournal, laying out concerns about US arguments at the ICJ:

    "Sadly, if predictably, the position presented constituted a charter for permanent occupation and undermining International Law."

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    Eight Failures From The US Testimony At The ICJ - CIP

    Here's what the Biden admin got wrong in its testimony to the ICJ about occupied Palestine.

    In December 2022, the UN tasked the International Court of Justice with advising on Israel's responsibilities as the country occupying Palestine. This week, US offered testimony before the ICJ, stale arguments that completely failed to meet the moment

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    Eight Failures From The US Testimony At The ICJ - CIP

    Here's what the Biden admin got wrong in its testimony to the ICJ about occupied Palestine.

    The Biden administration now understands that, in buying into the logic of the Abraham Accords, it had dramatically underestimated the enduring importance of Palestinian liberation among regional publics, @mattduss writes.

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    Biden’s New Plan for the Middle East Is More of the Same

    A revised doctrine offers little hope for change.

    There's still time to register for this panel discussion @ElliottSchoolGW on Tuesday (2/20) at 3:30 p.m. EST.

    Experts @Azodiac83, @JonathanLordDC, @NegarMortazavi, and @barbaraslavin1 will discuss #MIddleEast tensions, #Gaza, #Iran, and the #Houthis.

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    Tensions in the Middle East: The War in Gaza, Iran, and the Houthis - Institute for Middle East...

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